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威立顧問是PCO會議,PEO展覽,PRO公關專業顧問公司,1994~2015協辦各領域國際會議曁展覽,績優表現獲頒贈2007年世界華商總會創新服務獎、2011年經濟部會議形象獎、2012年經濟部會議躍升獎,2014經濟部綠色會議獎、2014經濟部大型會議卓越獎、2015經濟部會展金質獎、2015 MICE綠色會議獎、年度傑出社會楷模獎、台北市市長頒腊有功獎牌、交通部毛治國表揚、各縣市市政府、感謝狀、多年協辦行政院、衛福部、農委會、環保署經濟部、交通部觀光局會議展覽活動,以專業、熱忱服務精神成功執行百場精彩專案,屢創佳績深獲肯定。





Taiwan. The founding members of Willy consist of 26 consultants including public relations specialists, MBA marketing experts, a director of an APEC project, a Technology Advisor of the Executive Yuan, managers in telecommunication industry, mangers in television, radio & newspaper industry, reporters and advertising experts. In 1996, Willy' s first oversea office was opened in Los Angles, USA, providing MICE consulting service and event management service. In 2000, Willy' s LA office, in cooperation with RTC Group (USA), carried out an international MICE event and conducting projects for organizing public relations events, meetings and exhibitions for Microsoft Corporation in China. Currently, Willy has offices in Macau, Shanghai, Beijing, Bangkok, Philippines and other Asian cities providing international marketing, event & incentive management services.



Willy strives to achieve customer satisfaction by excellent marketing plans, build up brand publicities and creating corporate images. The performance of Willy has been highly recognized by its clients as evidenced by various recognitions awards and praises. The outstanding achievements of Willy had been granted by government, organizations, associations, and institutions, e.g. offices of Executive Yuan, Taipei city government and Nantou county government, etc.... In 2007, Willy received the Medal of Creativity from the World Chinese Entrepreneurs. In 2008, Willy was granted the Award of the "Best Convention& Exhibition Organizer in Taiwan" from the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan (ROC). Willy will continue to maintain its outstanding performance, and to use its best endeavor to bring the best achievement and satisfaction for clients.



As a total solution provider, Willy monitors projects from design to completion stages. We are PCO, PEO, and DMC (Destination Management Company) for incentive travel and public relations (PR) service provider. We are more than happy to assist our clients to maximize their business growth. It will be our honor to work with you and we hope that we can help you to achieve your successful future business.



Our goal is to maximize client growth, profit, and performance

ㆍ To build up clients image ahead of competitors.

ㆍ To maximize clients business growth through PR, Advertising, conferences, events, and exhibitions.

ㆍ To strengthen clients corporate identity & product image to meet.

ㆍ Marketing needs and objectives.