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Mission & Vision


Willy Event Consultants Co., Ltd, PCO. carries out its business with integrity and continues to provide event planning and high-quality services. We dedicate ourselves to social welfare, sustainable environment, employee health and human rights, and safeguards the interests of stakeholders.


  1. 員工面向:關注人才培育及員工健康。

  2. 社會面向:社會服務及公益活動。

  3. 環境面向:綠色會議、節能減碳、資源回收再利用。

  4. 供應商面向:供應商環境保護協定。


  1. Employee: Focus on talent cultivation and employee health.

  2. Social: Volunteer Services and public welfare activities.

  3. Environment: Green meetings, energy-saving, carbon reduction, recycling and reuse of resources.

  4. Suppliers: Have environmental protection agreement with suppliers.


Please click the link for the Willy’s statement on Sustainable Company.